From the iphone

Hey! Trying something new and posting from my phone. Fuzzy Face and I are watching Jurassic Park. I had a flu shot yesterday and it always makes me sick. Needed rest tonight… and pup cuddles. 

I’m working on plenty of commissions and projects. If you’ve got an order in with me, I will be in touch soon (if I haven’t already been). It’s been a little hard to keep up, but I’m getting there!

How’s the weather where you are? Winter here has a history of being messy, unpredictable, and long. So far (and I don’t want to jinx it) it’s been great; mild, damp, with little snow. My kind of winter. It hasn’t been great for photography, but it will be when spring hits! Yay, photo ops! I did get out for a few shots on days when I knew my fingers wouldn’t fall off due to the cold. Some are up on my facebook page. Here’s a preview from my phone:


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