Another night at the computer

Good evening, everyone.

Today Mom and I took a trip to Most Wanted Pawn to sell off some old video games/handheld systems. I’ve always had a bad habit of hoarding collecting things that tend to gather dust. I’d had these games since I got them as a child… We’re talking Gameboy and Gameboy colour… So it had been a while. With a shiny, new-ish 3DS, I didn’t ever play those golden oldies anymore – so off to the pawn shop! They have really been great to deal with. They have an impressive collection of unique wares from guitars and watches, to vintage vinyl and toys. Today, I traded my old systems (a couple old versions of Gameboys) and a bunch of games toward a Master Replicas Luke Skywalker lightsaber.


It has the box and everything. It looks so cool sitting on the wall beneath my Master Replicas Darth Vader lightsaber. Can you tell I love Star Wars?

I really value high quality collectors items, especially those from video games/anime. I have a lot, but I’ve been thrifty with a lot of it. I got my first Figma (Mikasa from Attack on Titan) for $10 new in box. These things retail for $60 plus. Along with that, I got a few other Figmas and some Inuyasha figures. I kept the Inuyasha collectibles, but I sold the other Figmas. What I earned from the figures I sold covered the cost of the others and then some. I know how to save… Even when I really want something.

Check out our living room. I needed those curtains from the day that Wicker Emporium put them on their website… at $39.99 per panel. Though incredibly tempted, I held off. I waited and waited and waited, and where did that get me? See Instagram post above. I ended up getting them for a mere $8.69 per panel when they went on clearance. There are ten panels on those windows. That’s a whopping savings. And yes, in waiting I did risk losing them… But a good deal will always come along eventually, and it wouldn’t have been the end of the world. I just can’t buy things (no matter how pretty) at full price. We couldn’t afford to live so lavishly!

❤ Erika

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