Soccer pupper enjoying spring

just finished another portrait. Feels good to be doing more commissions now. So very appreciative and grateful for that.

It is finally spring here. I mark the beginning of the season by the temperature finally getting high enough for me to switch to a lighter coat. I loathe the cold, so spring is a welcome time of year.

Springtime and warmer air mean that I’ll be outside more often. I’ll be taking more photos and working on some projects. I’ll be painting more, too. It just feels better to paint outside in the sun.


People have been asking me lately if I’ve had any training as far as art goes. I haven’t. I have just been drawing for a very long time. I was in elementary school when my work was first in an art show at a gallery. It was a ripped-paper “mosaic” that depicted my old dog, “Brandy”. I think he was skating. I don’t remember the details, but I remember how good it felt to have my art on display.

Through my school years, I excelled in art class. At the end of high school, I was chosen (along with three others) to participate in a pilot version of “Advanced Art”. We were chosen for our need to be challenged. We were given various projects, and sketchbooks to fill. At the end of the program, our work was displayed at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. I feel that was one of my biggest accomplishments in my art career, and it made me really recognize my skills.

At some point, I began taking commissions for keychain and pin versions of pets and cars. I eventually ended up making pins for a lot of the Coastal Cruisers (thank you, Jeff). I made lots of pet charms, too.


Nothing makes you realize that people like your work more than custom orders. So, from here, I began creating more custom pieces. I made duct tape wallets, portrait jewelry, logo pins/keychains, did some paintings, and dabbled in a bit of photography and needle felting. I really enjoyed customizing Mini Munny’s:41bq58fVb2L._SY300_

I had been hanging on to a blank one for a long time before I knew what to do with it. This was around the time I started really enjoying Trailer Park Boys. I ended up making a  Bubbles, then a Ricky, then Julian.


I posted a photo of these guys on a Trailer Park Boys Facebook page, and got a flurry of likes on my own Facebook page. Mike Smith’s Facebook page even shared a photo of my work. That was AWESOME…

I had a job doing some graphic design for a local print company. Here, I met a photographer and shared my work with him. He displayed some of my photos in his gallery, and really helped me grow as a photographer. I hold this accomplishment very dear to my heart, as well.

At some point, I started taking commissions for portraits done in Copic Marker. Then I graduated to coloured pencil portraits. I did acrylic paintings on canvas, too. I have been painting pets on Christmas ornaments for a few years now, and that really took off. I painted more than 60 last Christmas. On top of that, I did quite a few portraits and some smaller custom work. I have never been so happy to be busy.

The artwork has been keeping me busy, and my mind occupied. I don’t feel anxious when I paint/draw/create, and that alone is a very valuable benefit for me. Since I stopped drawing tonight, I’ve become aware of all the pressing things on my mind. I guess that means it’s time for bed.


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