Feature Time

What’s up tonight? I thought I would take a moment to talk about a shop with some really gorgeous, handmade items. Please, do yourself a favour and check out Shoreline Design of Georgetown, Prince Edward Island, here in the Maritimes.

I first found them after Mom showed me their Facebook page at the end of last summer. She knew I’d been starry-eyed over each new post they made featuring their beautiful work. I am a labradorite-fiend, so when I received a handmade sterling silver ring with a big, shining labradorite cabochon from Mom and Dad for Christmas, I was ecstatic.

Nevermind my messed up nails… Look at that ring!!

I have worn this every single day since I received it. The depth of the stone’s colours is absolute magical perfection. Shoreline has an eye for breathtaking gems, and really knows how to set them off in shining settings. Look at these charoite earrings:


Aren’t they perfect? I love how Shoreline sets a lot of their work in textured silver. It gives the pieces a unique, handmade, quality feel.

Gemstones aren’t the only thing they focus on: they work with sea glass, too.

Black sea glass is rare!

Flip through their website and find that the artist behind the work is Peter Llewellyn. I have so much respect and admiration for someone like Peter, who is self-taught and operates his own business with his family. I aspire to someday have the skill and finesse to operate my own art studio. Peter and his wife prove that this can be done (and done so well).

Multi-talented Shoreline Design also offers sandstone carvings made from the unique, province-identifying red sand of PEI. They feature leatherwork from local artisans, too. They create little silver silhouettes of PEI to be worn as a necklace or bracelet. They sculpt tiny roses and display them on ring bands in the daintiest fashion. Vitreous enamel is something I hadn’t heard of before reading about it on Shoreline’s website.


This quite obviously requires a specialized skill to create. Made from metal and powdered glass in a high-temperature kiln, these pieces embody the meaning of fine artwork.

Needless to say, I’m a little crazy over the work of Shoreline Design. And I really admire their skills, devotion, and creativity. Their prices, I should mention, are beyond fair, considering the work that goes into making their pieces. I have yet to visit the physical location on Prince Edward Island, but will absolutely make the trip as soon as I can. For now, the website and their Facebook page are a great alternative for someone who can’t find the time to make the four-hour drive from the South Shore of Nova Scotia to PEI.

(All images in this posts, besides the one of my hand, belong to Shoreline Design. Please visit their website to see more.)


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