Fine Art Portraits by Erika

I am primarily a portrait artist. It’s taken many years to hone my skill. I am entirely self-taught. I specialize in pets and people. Each portrait has many hours of work involved. I work with coloured pencils, but soften/brighten things up with markers and ink here and there. I work in my own, unique style, so please take that into consideration when ordering a commission. I draw exactly what I see, so please mention if you would like anything changed/added/removed before I begin drawing. I will send a proof for your approval before I ship your portrait. At this point, changes may be made, if required. All that’s left after this is to ship your artwork to you.

I offer the following sizes:

5″ x 7″: $40.00

*6″ x 8″: $50.00

8″ x 10″: $70.00

11″ x 14″: $110.00

*Denotes an uncommon size. Frames this size are harder to find.

Shipping charges depend on your location and portrait size, though I do work to keep them as low as I can. I can meet locally to deliver. Prices listed above are for one subject – more complicated pieces with multiple subjects may be subject to additional charges. Please contact me for a quote.

If you have questions, email me at: If you’d like to purchase a commission, visit my Etsy store here.

Check out some of my portrait work (click to view full image):

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